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Contact by touch

How do you communicate with a loved one who lives in a different reality? Someone who is present physically, but not mentally? It is sad and painful to lose contact with someone you love.

The CRDL converts touch into sound, thereby facilitating a new form of contact between people who find communication and social interaction difficult - such as people with dementia, autism or another mental disability - and those close to them.

The CRDL connects people, brings joy and improves the quality of life.

Experience the CRDL

CDRL Experiences

Dr. Anneke van der Plaats

“It's as if they are waking up from hibernation.”

Dr van der Plaats, a well-known social geriatrician and author of various books about people with dementia.

Drs. Marc J.M. Petit

"The CRDL is a great discovery.”

Marc J.M. Petit MSc, director of Scientific Research at Alzheimer Nederland.

Prof. dr. Luc de Witte

“The CRDL creates a whole new way of communicating because of its simplicity.”

Prof. Luc de Witte, professor of Healthcare Technology at Maastricht University.

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