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Meaningful Contact

CRDL (cradle) is an interactive care instrument that translates physical contact between people into sound. This makes new contact possible for children and adults who struggle with communicating and social interaction (for example, people with dementia, autism or learning disabilities) and those in their environment.

Employees and volunteers in the care sector are constantly looking for ways to create contact with people who have dementia, autism or learning disabilities, to retain human dignity and personal attention.

CRDL helps break through the isolation that is felt when a normal conversation is no longer easy. The instrument facilitates contact in which users participate equally, regardless of their cognitive ability. Each participant has an equal opportunity to initiate contact and influence the interaction.

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“In its simplicity, CRDL enables a new form of communication.”

Prof. Luc de Witte, Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare. University of Sheffield, UK.


More about CRDL

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What is CRDL?

CRDL (cradle) is an interactive care instrument that translates physical contact between people into sound.

By adopting a playful and investigative approach to physical contact, CRDL circumtvents existing conventions associated with touch.

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Personal stories

"It’s like people have woken up from hibernation."

Dr Anneke van der Plaats, social geriatrician and author, whose works include, 'De dag door met dementie'.

Read the personal stories of friends, family and professionals on the following page.

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About us

Jack S.C. Chen and Dennis Schuivens are social designers.  During a design research project, they were both moved by the enormous consequences of dementia and the loss of contact.

They investigated what brings people together and how they could simplify difficult communication.

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